Permanent Weekend Publishing is a boutique publishing company based in Austin, Texas. Our books and courses explore unique subjects that aren’t covered by any other products. However, these subjects still have lively niche markets with specific audiences desperately in need of quality resources. We’re often a bit nerdy, diving deeper into these topics than would appeal to the mass market, but that’s exactly what our readers and students want. That said, our writers and teachers are still fun and entertaining. At least we like to think so.

Our collection is a bit eclectic, but we’re OK with that. We cover topics that are of interest to us. We have books and courses on entrepreneurship, social business, real estate, investing, sustainability, and rock climbing. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming books on virtual reality, ethics, eLearning, and failure.

Executive Team

Matt Sparks CEO and Founder Permanent Weekend Publishing
Matt Sparks, CEO and Founder, Permanent Weekend Publishing

Matt Sparks is an entrepreneur, consultant, teacher, and author. He worked in finance for much of the past two decades, including the mortgage and medical equipment leasing companies he founded. He also built the North American finance department of a multinational medical equipment manufacturer. Throughout his career, Matt launched businesses in real estate, construction, supplements, apparel, e-publishing, athletic equipment, and even a haunted house, rounding out his finance experience with roles in sales, marketing, and operations. More recently, Matt has drawn upon his broad experience and skill set to work as a management consultant for dozens of startups in various industries.

Currently living in Austin, Texas, Matt grew up in rural Iowa, competed as a multi-sport college athlete, and enjoys mountain sports, travel, and gardening in his limited free time. He teaches a course in entrepreneurship at BiGAUSTIN and runs a healthcare policy research firm. He also writes a blog on entrepreneurship, sustainability, and other topics as well as a monthly column on Virtual/Augmented Reality in e-Learning. He earned a BA in English Literature from Lehigh University and an MBA from Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship. When he’s not rock climbing around Austin, Texas, he’s exploring how new technologies are changing how we teach, learn, and think.