The Complete Condo Conversion Kit

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This kit contains provides everything you need to buy an apartment building, split it up, and sell it for maximum profit.


The Complete Condo Conversion Kit contains provides everything you need to buy an apartment building, split it up, and sell it for maximum profit. It contains more than 30 items, including a comprehensive how-to manual, bonus items, legal documents, analysis spreadsheets, forms, checklists, and many other items you’ll need to pull off a successful and profitable condo conversion. See the full list of the Kit’s contents below.

Contents of The Complete Condo Conversion Kit:

  • The Condo Conversion Manual
  • Explanation of All the Resources
  • 8-Factor Investment Property Assessment Form
  • How the Affluent Manage Home Equity to Safely and Conservatively Build Wealth
  • Condo Conversion Property Analysis Worksheet
  • Contractor Contact Management List
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Financial Business Plan Chart Template
  • Financial Business Plan Sample
  • Lead Hazards Disclosure
  • Lead Hazards Disclosure – Spanish
  • Lease
  • Lease, Bilingual: English-Spanish
  • Letter of Intent Example
  • Management Agreement Example
  • New Tenant Welcome Letter
  • Out-of-State Real Estate Investing Questionnaire
  • Partnership Agreement Example
  • Project Workflow for Business Plan
  • Projected and Actual Costs Worksheet: Blank
  • Projected and Actual Costs Worksheet: Sample
  • Property Condition Checklist
  • Rehab Budget and Construction Draw Schedule: Blank
  • Rehab Budget and Construction Draw Schedule: Sample
  • Rehab Estimate Form for Small Jobs: Blank
  • Rehab Estimate Form for Small Jobs: Sample
  • Rental Application
  • Tenant Info Master Spreadsheet
  • Tenant Info Sheet for Individual Files
  • Verification of Rent Template

Limited Time Offer Bonus Items:

  • 25 Uncommon Tips to Maximize Profits on Real Estate Investments
  • Common Pitfalls for Condo Conversion Investors

Why Buy The Complete Condo Conversion Kit?

This Kit is chock-full of wisdom hard-won in the trenches by investors doing condo conversion projects. You’ll find gems on each of the 247 pages of The Condo Conversion Manual. The analysis spreadsheets are the only spreadsheets available anywhere on the market to help investors analyze the profitability and risk of a condo conversion project. The Kit also contains numerous legal forms, checklists, and documents to keep your project organized, on budget, and finished on time.

I, Matt Sparks, wrote The Condo Conversion Manual and created the rest of the Kit because nothing like this exists anywhere else. It contains all the resources I wish I had access to when I was getting started as a real estate and condo conversion investor. It took me months of work and thousands in fees from attorneys, accountants, and investment consultants to assemble everything in the Kit, and it took me years of very costly mistakes to learn everything in the Manual. I eventually started helping clients do their own conversion projects, and I realized these investors also desperately needed a resource like this. So I created the original version of the Kit in 2007. My team and I have updated and improved it over the past decade, though most of the analysis and basic principles are timeless.

Price and ROI

Right now, we’re running a sale on The Complete Condo Conversion Kit. Normally, it sells for $997. However, we just updated our website and URL, so for a limited time, we’re offering it for only $297. Also, for a limited time, we’ll include two bonus items in the Kit, as noted in the Contents section above.

The cost of this Kit is a tiny fraction of what you’ll spend on a single condo conversion product, which, depending on their size, can run into the millions or tens of millions. If this Kit helps you avoid a mistake that would have cost you $150,000 on your first project, or if it gives you ideas that help you earn an extra $500,000 in profit per conversion project, or if it even helps you cut the time to completion by 50%, allowing you to double the number of projects you complete per year, then the ROI on the price of this Kit becomes astronomically high, as in, early-investor-in-Facebook high.

Even if you already knew everything in the Manual, which may be the case for highly-experienced condo conversion investors, it would still take you days, weeks, or even months (if you’re like me) to simply assemble and create all the forms, documents, and spreadsheets in this Kit. The cost of this Kit is less than one hour as billed by many attorneys, accountants, consultants, and other professionals. What’s your time worth?

For all these reasons, The Complete Condo Conversion Kit is a must-have for aspiring and experienced investors alike.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Complete Condo Conversion Kit, if you don’t feel like it provided $297 in value, let us know, and we’ll refund your entire purchase price. There’s literally no risk to you for buying the Kit, and it offers you the potential for insane returns. This is what’s savvy investors refer to as a free option. What do you have to lose? If our previous customers offer any indication, you’ll be so glad you bought it.

Note: This product is entirely virtual. After you place your order, we’ll email it to you within 24 hours of purchase. All of the contents will be PDFs, Word docs, or Excel spreadsheets. You can open them in any PDF reader or browser, word processing software, or spreadsheet software.


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